A Novel Crowdrise Fundraiser in February 2016

Jon Urbana is the man with a vision to make a change in the lives of other people. He is very enthusiastic about life-improving initiatives. Jon Urbana is also eager to get others engaged towards it so that they can encounter the eagerness and get rewarded for things they do. He is utilizing his passion for sports and steering it into a successful attempt for saving and preserving animals by fundraising.

Jon Urbana is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He is also a former scholastic lacrosse superstar. He uses his enormous knowledge of the sport to instruct younger players with the motivation to get them to the place he was, at their age. Once the star of Villanova’s team, Jon Urbana presently works as the head of business development at Ellipse USA. He manages several projects and retains a well-balanced atmosphere within the organization.

Jon continues to be a committed humanitarian. He has effective charity fundraising activities. Earth Force is a fundraiser prompted by the participants of his summer season camp in association with his desire to see a cleaner and better surroundings around him. There are thousands of people seeking for a way to make things superior for the FAA, but licensed pilot Jon Urbana is currently on the task.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

He has a terrific love for pets, notably to cats which are why he commenced his Crowdrise fundraising plan for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS). The Crowdrise Fundraiser assists to get benefited to the ARAS animal housing which is a no-kill animal rescue and a non-profitable adopting society. He is especially advocating for the deserted cats in Denver to discover permanent homes. He brings folks together to alter situations for helpless wildlife.

Jon Urbana (Twitter) is a man of so many talents and abilities such as tactical planning, revenue, and marketing. He’s a successful business owner and a part-time pilot. He has received many respected titles throughout his career.

Greg Hague Shakes Up the Real Estate World

Greg Hague is shaking up the real estate market again with his new approach to selling your very own home. Presently, brokers are trying to sell homes for people by listing on the multi-listing site, holding a few open houses, and maybe even displaying a for sale sign in the yard. These have all resulted in sales in the past but Greg Hague hopes his way will help Americans to sell their own homes faster. Real estate coaching through Greg’s new business, Real Estate Mavericks, is giving brokers and home owners hope of selling faster. The market sales today are not as good as they could be if people followed some of the guidelines that Greg Hague is proposing. People are spending too much time doing little about selling. His 29 day fast sales approach or plan is aimed at getting houses off the market, for a better profit, sooner than with the traditional sales approaches.

Home ownership is something most Americans dream about. It all starts as children and the older we get, the more we dream of owning our own home. The white picket fence and the 1.5 children are dreams that are not impossible. People can pick up new and used homes quickly and without a lot of hassles if they follow some of the advice of Hague. People that are selling their own homes must take a stand and begin the process themselves. Hold your own open house. There is no rule that states you can not have an active part in selling your own home. While your house is on the market, take advantage of other homeowners that are trying to sell their homes. You may be surprised how quickly you can find your perfect next home.

One essential thing that brokers need to remember is to play up the house, even before it hits the market. There is nothing wrong with contacting a few select individuals that are looking for their own dream property. Tell them about this wonderful property that is going to be hitting the market soon. Play the house up to a hilt. Guide people to get interested in your home you are selling. Once they are interested, hit them with the details and facts. Hold a special open house for them. Make this house their dream house before it hits the wide open market. Once on the market, a house loses its luster if no interest is shown in the first few days. People love anticipation. It gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping. Help them to anticipate the new house coming on the market soon by posting, coming soon signs.

Holding an open house is easy. Draw up fact sheets for the house you are trying to sell. Make sure the house is clean and well set for viewing. A smart person may even bake a batch of cookies or cake to give the house the warm delicious smell that draws buyers. Houses do not sell themselves. People are responsible for setting the house up to look cozy or cute. This is one of the most important parts to selling your home. Make it cozy and livable. Make someone else think they can not live without your house.

Denver’s Modern Day Philanthropist Continues Down Intriguing Path

Jon Urbana was born in Denver, Colorado on November 15, 1982 and from his numerous accomplishments it is obvious that he is always up for a new adventure. By the time he graduated from Eastside High School in Denver, he already was showing his love for lacrosse where he recieved three varsity letters, was a three-time all-conference player and was a two-time all-state pick. Upon graduation, Jon attended Villanova University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in May of 2005.

His passion for the sport of lacrosse was so strong that in April of 2011 Urbana co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camps with Lou Braun. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado is held as a summer training camp to educate young players and teach them the skills they need.

His love for the community and his concern for the environment does not end there. Urbana strongly believes that the youth of today and future generations should preserve the earth and all of the natural beuty it holds. That is why he started a GoFundMe campaign known as Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc. Through Earth Force, Jon believes that all local enviroments will benefit from educating others on preserving this wonderful planet.

His education at Villanova University made him very successful is buisness as well. In January of 2013, Jon Urbana became the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a privately-held IPL and laser systems provider. As a professional, Jon is responsible for overseeing the marketing, communication and assuring that the latest technolgies are applied.

His exhilaration for life and passion for adventure is obvious in the hobbies that Jon enjoys most. One of his greatest accomplishments was receiving the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification and being added to the FAA Airmen Certification Database. Jon is also an avid photographer and through flight has captured some amazing videos of the world he is so passionate about.

Overcoming Obstacles in order to Achieve Dreams

The fact is for many people that have dreams, there are obstacles to overcome. The amount of obstacles to overcome depend on the dreams that one has. While not giving up is a good thing, it is also important to know where to find a different approach. Obstacles can be anything that has an effect on the person’s ability to achieve her dreams. The good thing about obstacles is that it challenges the creativity of the person who is pursuing what she is after. When the person in pursuit of her dreams overcomes her obstacles, then that brings about a better feeling than she would have had when things went smoothly.

One person who has had her obstacles to go through is Wengie. Wengie is a YouTuber that is fascinated with beauty and fashion. She loved everything that had to do with beauty. However, when she began to work on her style and image, she has found that a lot of the clothes that she wanted to wear didn’t fit her well. A lot of it was because she was a small person in a country full of large people. Being a small lady made it harder for her to find clothes that fit her.

In order for Wengie to overcome her obstacles, she gravitated towards accessories. She looked to items such as purses and jewelry. Other things she looked to were make up and hair dye. She often does videos that show a different hair color. Of course, one obstacle that she had to overcome was how to get views to her channel. Fortunately, she took the right steps in order to overcome these obstacles and she achieved fame as a YouTube personality. She also inspires others to pursue whatever they want in their lives. One thing they would regret is not pursuing what they are after.

When it comes to obstacles, it is important for one to not lose hope. While it does help for someone who is looking to achieve a goal to sit back and look at the obstacle, it is important to find a solution. One thing to do is to find inspiration from others who have achieved their goals in the face of all the adversity. This will not only give them the inspiration to look continue towards their goals, but also encourage them to not let anyone or anything discourage them. Nothing that is worthwhile comes easy.

Yeonmi Park Makes Case for Human Rights Activism

When Yeonmi Park took to the stage at the One Young World summit she had no idea that her life was going to take another dramatic turn. Of course, dramatic life turns were not exactly rare for the young North Korean defector, but this turn was going to be one of prosperity. Park took the stage and between tears and halting English she managed to tell her tale of fleeing an oppressive North Korean regime, surviving years spent in human trafficking, and eventually of how she made her way over to America. Now North Korea is doing everything it can to deter the petite woman with the giant global outreach and they are failing, according to Reason. Yeonmi Park was recorded at the Summit and her speech eventually made its way to YouTube and there it was distributed to the internet at large. Park told in a quiet voice of how she was born and raised under the north Korean regime until she had turned 13 years old. It was in that year that she saw her father taken away and put into a forced labor camp, effectively being put into slavery by his own government. Before the year was out Park and her mother would take up with a human smuggler and try to make it to safety. Unfortunately the smuggler turned on them, assaulting Park’s mother and selling them both into slavery. For three years Park was stuck in trafficking, forced to marry the man that had purchased her. She was abused, bereft, and apart from everything she knew and loved. Yet, Yeonmi never gave up. Her courage and perseverance eventually led her to a sort of Underground Railroad and from there freedom in a neighboring country. Her entire tale cannot accurately be summed up in a paragraph and her courage cannot be defined in a word. All of these struggles have been put into her first novel, “In Order to Live”, and from there the oppressed a world over can draw inspiration that there is still hope out there. Yeonmi Park used to be a little girl, now she is an icon for freedom.

Brokers and Analysts Emphasized the NYC Real Estate Remarkable State In 2015

As reported on the Real Deal, the NYC land cycle has officially developed to the point where all the low-hanging organic products are gone, and financial specialists need to work twice to get value. That originates from the way New York has a great deal of awesome ascribes to speculators around the world, as per Spencer Levy, Americas head of examination at CBRE. From an outside capital point of view, it is the brand and not just the place.

There’s no spot in the city that is not hip, or that is not cool. Be that as it may, a considerable lot of the specialists additionally communicated reservations on potential hindrances – in particular loan costs, which the Federal Reserve has evaluated the movement for various months now. Levy indicated that the stock exchange instability of this past summer changed the Fed’s conduct on loan costs; however the national bank allegedly can do something by December given the current financial confidence.

Ken McCarthy, the senior overseeing executive at Cushman and Wakefield, noticed that while renting in the city was more grounded as far as volume a year ago, 2015 has been an exceptionally solid year and he hopes to see business as usual in 2016. In spite of much talk of TAMI inhabitants driving the city’s renting economy, McCarthy included that the money related administrations segment, which involves around 11 percent of the city’s workforce, is beginning to return.

From a venture deals point of view, it’s been outrageous. David Schechtman, Meridian Investment Sales, “I don’t know what number of 2.5 tops I’ll be offering in Soho in the following year, yet I’m offering them now,” he shared with the audience. Valuing has been exceptionally hearty through 2015, and there is the desire that those conditions will proceed through the first 50% of one year from now.

TOWN Residential is the driving land association in New York for extravagance. Set up in 2010, the firm was made by CEO and Co-chief Andrew Heiberger and is co-driven by Joseph Sitt. An essential bit of the NYC apartments for rent land scene, TOWN Residential invests noteworthy energy in excess private arrangements; leasing, advancing, deals and leasing of property enhancements. TOWN Residential’s trademark best in the class organization has developed another fantastic standard of the business.

The TOWN Commercial was built in 2015 to supplement the best in class organization and offer our clients with additional devices to comprehend their obtainment and attitude wander targets, office and retail needs. The organization is a full-advantage division focusing on all parts of first class progression services, including statistical examination and surveying; pre-change orchestrating, stamping, showcasing, publicizing; and element bargains operation.

Yeonmi Park Writes A Book To Share Her Heroic Story

Everyone has seen the video of Yeonmi Park speaking at the One Young World’s Dublin summit and a few were lucky enough to hear her speak live about her story on Youtube. Now, there is a powerful book where Park describes her journey from North Korea to China and later, through the frozen Gobi Desert to Mongolia. Her book, written in collaboration with Maryanne Vollers speaks of the horrors that Park couldn’t share with anyone because she had buried them deep within herself, coping with the tragedies of her life as bravely as anyone possibly can. This book, titled “In Order To Live” sheds a new light on the journey made by Park and her mother, and the horrors they have had to face on the way. Reading the book also reveals some ghastly details about life in North Korea that people haven’t heard of, because of the media’s reluctance to bring them to light. All in all, the book shows that even in the darkest of times, strength of character can pull people out from any difficult ordeal. Yeonmi Park became a household name after the summit and YouTube welcomed her with open arms. There were people from North Korea who tried their absolute best to ensure that Yeonmi Park, like other defectors, was bullied through the strongest weapon in their arsenal – character assassination. However, almost all the defectors of that harsh and twisted regime know that this is what the military chiefs and their leader, Kim Jong-un do. But Yeonmi Park, who has gone through so much, has still put up a brave face for these character defamations that are not just untrue but another black mark on the practices followed in North Korea. Park is also a human rights activist currently and she has done her best to convert bad experiences into better ones by sharing them with other people and helping them come out of their dire life situations. Her work has already garnered a lot of positive attention from people all over the world and when it comes to fighting the human rights violations of the world, Yeonmi Park stands apart like a veritable ‘Mockingjay’ in times like these.

Yeonmi Park, the 21-year Old with the Zeal to Fight for Human Rights

Yeonmi is a twenty-one-year-old human rights defender and activist who defected from North Korea due to the regime’s brutal and repressive tendencies. It was after her father was apprehended for exporting metals to China and taken to a labor camp that Yeonmi and her mother left North Korea and started their journey to freedom.

One of Yeonmi Park’s childhood memories was of her mother telling her not to whisper even because the mice and birds could hear her whispers. Park was surprised when she saw parents from Western nations encouraging their kids to express what they felt without fear. For her, she had to learn at a tender age not to express her feelings at all, or else the oppressive regime would come after her.

Park claims that the dictatorship in North Korea extends to every facet of the citizens’ lives. Even when she was in school, they were told how other parts of the world are disgusting and impure, and the world is a dangerous place that they should not envy since North Korea was the best country ever.

Despite the fact that the oppressive regime dislikes Park’s activities in defending human rights, she is not afraid to speak out. World leaders recognize Park’s efforts, and they refer to her activities as remarkable steps towards progress. Park is a key player in driving the required change from the ground up. This in turn pressurizes the leader.

The zeal Park had in escaping the oppression in North Korea is still the one she channels when advocating for human rights. At the moment, Park is a junior at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea, majoring in Criminal Justice. Some newspapers have published her story including the Washington Post, and she has been a featured guest on BBC2, Radio Free Asia, SBS insight, and Voice of America. The South Korean TV invites her regularly on one of their program that attempts to bridge the rift between South and North Koreans.

Yeonmi volunteers with the Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights movement (NAUH) and is also Teach North Korean Refugees Program’s volunteer ambassador. Yeonmi claims that for the first time in her life, she owns herself. She is herself, and that is so powerful to her. She claims that during her times under the oppressive regime and during her exile days in China, she was either the property of the states or of the man who made the highest bid on her, but now she has a voice.

Freedom allowed Yeonmi Park to have a voice. She is ready to use this newfound voice, and she wants everyone to use their voice too. Park says that she wants to tell the world how the people in her motherland are yearning for freedom and food, and it is not freedom of expression that is killing them, but the freedom of watching movies from the west or putting on jeans.
Park adds that the world ought to know that we are all similar despite the nations we hail from, and it is not only the rights of the citizens of North Korea that she is pushing for but all of our rights, the human rights.

A Handy Way To Keep Clean

Keeping our homes clean is a necessary facet of daily living. Having a home on recode.net that is free from debris and dirt aids with maintaining good health and supporting a strong immune system. The fact is that sometimes it is simply not something that many of us have time for.

Help For Busy People

Home cleaning services can offer the help that is needed for those with a busy schedule. Some may argue that making appointments and interviewing people to do the work may take as much time, if not more, than simply cleaning the home by yourself. There are services that can do all this leg work for you.


Handy is a company that can find the right people to get the job done. It was founded by Oisin Hanra and Umang Dua. They offer services that include home cleaning, plumbing services, and even handyman services. Referred to as the Uber company of home maintenance, Handy is an up and coming company for those with cleaning needs.

Based out of New York, Handy can get the services needed with the tap of an app on an iPhone. The company has seen such a huge demand for their services that they have expanded into 13 cities. They are also looking to expand in to four more cities in the very near future.

How It Works

The first thing that the client must establish is their need. Do they need someone to clean gutters, or a thorough cleaning for their home? Once the need is established, simply go to the app. There one will enter their zip code to find the services nearest to them.

The next step of the process is to enter in the specifics of the job needed. How many rooms, or the specifics of the job needed. Specify when the job is needed to be done and hit enter. The app will generate an estimate for the work needed. This will include tax and tips. If the person is happy with the estimate simply hit accept and enter card numbers.

Cleaning Made Simple

Handy will find the right people to get your job done. No worrying about unreliable services that rip you off or charge outrageous amounts. The individuals that work for Handy are screened and interviewed multiple times to ensure that only the best, most honest, and most trustworthy people get your job done.

Handy not only offers peace of mind to their clients, but also to their employees. Freelance jobs are hard to get and hard to keep. Many times one or two assignments can be had, and then there is a long wait for more work. Handy allows freelance cleaners and maintenance men to have a reliable source of income at the hours they need them.

Answering the needs of a demanding set of clientele is what Handy does and what they are most successful at. Their growth speaks of how well received they have been and the demand that they are meeting.

Start Up With FreedomPop, A Free Mobile Phone Provider

In the competitive world of mobile phone operators, lower cost plan pricing has become a source of battles between carriers trying to gain an edge in market share. But even with the battles, mobile phone service can be a bit costly.

Into this mix comes Freedom Pop, which is the country’s only 100 percent mobile phone service. With FreedomPop you can get free voice, text, data, and even international calling for over 50 countries. The basic plan includes 500 text messages. 200 voice minutes, and 500 MB of data.
If you desire more than than the basic plan has to offer there are paid plans. 10.99 a month will get you unlimited text and voice, combined with the 500 MB of data.

With all this Itunes app FreedomPop free stuff, you might wonder what it costs to get started. At this current time FreedomPop offers the Motorola Moto E in pre-owned condition for 49.99 to get you started with the service with a phone. As part of the start up package new customers get a one month free trial of unlimited text, talk, and one GB of data. This can be shifted to the 100 percent free plan at any time.

The specs of the Motorola Mota E includes that it is powered vy a Qualcomm Snap Dragon 410 with 1 GB ram. It offers 8 GB of storage that includes Micro SD support. More specs are 5MP main cam, a VGA front cam. There is a 4.3 inch display with a 540×969 resolution. There is Android 5.0 Lollipop pre-installed,

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